All About DeadShirt



The only good shirt is a DeadShirt.

If you are one of the many millions that run after every trend the big labels dictate to us, you can just stop reading. But if you are one of the few who really want something special, we’d like to welcome you.

This is the first place in the world where you can shoot your own t-shirt. Why? Because life is tough and so are you! Shoot your shirt, wear it with pride and always remember: Only the dead survive.


The rules

Choose your t-shirt. Choose a gun and then head to the rifle range. Take your aim. Pull the trigger. You perforate your t-shirt. The price includes 3 shots. Every additional shot costs 10 Euro. You can shoot at your DeadShirt 10 times at the most because we want you to be able to actually wear it.


The production

Every DeadShirt is shot individually and under the highest safety regulations, by real pro t-shirt killers, with real guns, exactly the same way you placed your shots at the rifle range. Even if you perforate the imprint on the front or the label at the back, our shooters will execute your order precisely.

All hits are full penetrations. That means that every shot creates a hole at the front and the back of the t-shirt. You can see gunshot residue in front and around the bullet hole.

After DeadShirt receives the confirmation of payment we take up our arms and execute your t-shirt. An email informs you about when your DeadShirt died for you.


A DeadShirt dark Blue No.2 comes fully equipped with:

  • sewed on: black crape with white„“Only the dead survive“ – lettering, position: right arm
  • Imprint chest: DeadShirt-Logo with black moth and White Skull. Position: right chest
  • Imprint back: Black Moth. position: the whole back
  • DeadShirt-44 Magnum-Label with 44 Magnum rivet, Position: back bottom right
  • DeadShirt is made from 100% cotton (180-190g/m²)


The bullet holes

Example 44 Magnum

The shots of the Magnum 44 are about 0.3937 inches in size, full penetrating straight shots (1 shot = 2 holes). Around the entry points of the bullet, gunshot residue can be seen that disappears after the first wash.


Safety Instructions

  • The gunshot residues that adhere to the DeadShirt can cause allergic skin-reactions.
  • Trying to produce a DeadShirt on your own has to be omitted by any chance. It can cause death.
  • Be careful to not get caught on door handles or other objects.
  • Don’t try to put your head or arms through the bullet holes.
  • Wearing and washing the DeadShirt will change the bullet holes in form and size.